Monday, 15 December 2014

Say it loud, say it proud.

I know we started off as friends, but I am your lady now. I want to be treated accordingly. I want to be respected for the person I am in your life. Throughout! Not just when it suits you.

I want to be celebrated, boasted about. I am unique in my own way, something to be truly proud of. And, I want my man to do just that, be proud to be with me. Without words but rather with his actions.

I want a man not a boy still trying to play it cool amongst his friends. Rather a man willing to stand by my side, and loudly able to proclaim he is mine and I, his.

We are grown now, there is no more time for childish ways. It is now that we seek out our lifetime partners, potential fathers/mothers to our children and our Rock. Gone are the days of playing hop scotch with people's emotions.

If you're in, be in the whole way, not with one foot out the door. Either come in or shut the door on your way out.

26 September 2014