Thursday, 23 April 2015

" I don't want to settle. 
I want mindfucking love. 
I want to spend all night thinking about kissing you, 
and when I finally get the balls to, 
I want to go deaf to everything but that moment. 
I refuse to settle for anything less."

Friday, 10 April 2015

Still Hopeless

"You learned that I was a hopeless romantic, and you used it to your advantage.
You took that knowledge, and you ran with it; as well as my heart.
I can now understand why you needed it, since you never had one in the first place.
I'm still hopeless and because of you, a little more heartless." Megan Lawrence

And in return, I want it too

"I want to grow with you, to see how much we can thrive together.
I want to help you fight for your dreams, and see them come to life.
I want to be there for you, when it all seems too much.
I want to be the voice that reminds you of the hope.
I want to make you smile and laugh, to experience joy every day.
I want to be real with you, to open myself and lay down my armor.
I want quiet nights, filled with sweet nothings.
I want days filled with you, and I want to continue seeing you, in your weakest or in your strongest,
I want to be there with you."

A Sorry Is Not Enough

"Can a sorry glue back glass?
After being shattered into pieces?
Can a sorry repair a car after being crashed without remorse?
Can a sorry mend a bond after it's been shredded to its final cord?
How I would Love for a simple sorry to be the answer for all the resentment I have shamefully held inside. Unfortunately, my heart is stubborn and my scars remind me, how a sorry is simply, 
not enough."

Mirtha Michelle

Like A Fool

Its crazy how, when you're love-swept
you'll do anything for the one you love,
'cause anytime you needed me,
I'd be there.