Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fashion Victim Charanga

During one of my Window Shopping sessions, whereby i take time out to unwind and basically fest my eyes on things I'd love to have but can't afford-not right now at least,  I came across this statement printed t-shirt for little girls, that got me thinking...
What do little girls know about Fashion?

 I honestly cant recall when exactly I, for one, became so fashion conscious! Was this a God given gift or was it imposed onto me as a child? If so then by who?

My parent aren't the slightest bit Fashion conscious, as a matter of fact they only opt for buying clothing merely because it is a necessity and comfort is all they ever take into consideration. If it weren't for Me and my uncontrollable desire to dress people, I think my entire family would be lost and out dated in terms of their appearances.

This really is food for thought... Thinking face