Monday, 18 February 2013

Back To School

Today campus is full to the max, as class’s official commenced this morning. It is that time of the year where one is able to see familiar faces and see all the new faces. In the art department it’s a totally different time of year though. We, the art students, seem to live in a world of our own. From a far you will be able to spot an art or drama student as we are known to dress, talk, walk and if you will *smell* funny. Funny in terms of not being considered the norm and *smell referring to all the paint chemicals and stuff we use.
Back to the point i wish to make. It’s the first day and instead of being joyous and happy to see our friends, we the fashion students have occupied our time and thoughts to scouting out this year’s Fashion Sense, in terms of what the students are wearing. A few more days of scouting and we'll be able to predict the trend for the first semester. Thus far there wasn’t been any looks that stand out from the rest.
With reference to last year’s trends, there were basically only three kinds of looks on campus, excluding the minority of course that actually knew a thing or two about style and what’s fashionable. You had your Plain Jane/Jack's that literally created a uniform look for themselves (Printed t-shirts, skinny jeans and pumps), the Mr Price Vic who literally copied the outfits on display in the shop and knew not of mixing up the pieces, and then you had the Colour Blocks, known as the artsy students, the expressive ones who were believed to be in touch with their inner selves who wear whatever.

I am hoping there will be some sort of change in peoples fashion sense this year because this way the minority of us, (yes myself included) who actually enjoy dressing up won't always feel so overdressed just because everyone else is under dressed. A little competition every now and again won't hurt and is actually considered healthy. I can't look good for everyone's part. (Tongue in cheek)

Will keep you posted on this year’s predicaments. Who knows, Unam might just surprise us this year. Fingers crossed though that it actually does, or else I’ll have nothing to write about.