Monday, 17 February 2014

Lucky in Love

They say it only takes 21 days to make a change...

(If you are not familiar with the “21 Day Theory” it goes a little something like this: ‘repeat a behavior for 21 days and it will become so ingrained that it becomes habit’. This rule applies to making new habits as well as breaking old or bad ones.)

Well, it has been 47 days since our last encounter- the New Year's kiss that never happened- and exactly 26 more days than the required time to break a habit, or in my case, getting over my lack of luck in Love.

In the beginning, all wasn't well at all. The first few days or to be exact, the whole entire month of January wasn't an easy one. At first i kept telling myself that it only takes 21 days, that after that all will be well and that I'll be over the whole New Year's Eve thing, and that I'll be over 'Him' in no time and hopefully I'll be in a much happier space, not constantly over thinking and dueling on should have, could have and would haves...

Guess what?! 
My luck changed. 
It changed for the better.

Having held my fingers tightly crossed in the hope of finding my true loves kiss, wasn't easy but it finally paid off. I got my well awaited, eagerly anticipated New Year's Kiss. Although 45 days overdue, it was worth the wait. It was everything I had envisioned it to be

..."meaningful,whole heartily, for all the right reasons, kind of kiss. The kind that takes your breath away, has your back hair standing, the kind of kiss that personally sends shock waves straight to my eyebrows - leaving its hairline in a complete clutter..." 

And, whats more is, it was from "Him"; the guy from New Year's Eve, (the asshole) the one i really like, the one I've always liked and probably always will like. Who would have thought that when I said "I won't be kissing any random guy just for the sake of folklore," that my first actual kiss for this year, would be from the guy I initially wanted to kiss on New Year's Eve.

And yes, it was with the one I truly like, the one I whole heartily have feelings for, with no doubt whatsoever. The timing was just right, it was perfect! 
It was indeed the perfect fairy tale opening to a great love story,