Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Eve Kiss

Most of you are probably familiar with the kiss at midnight on New Years. The reason behind this kiss is said to bring good luck to a relationship for the next year and if you do not kiss the one you love at midnight, superstition says your upcoming year will lack affection.
According to English and German folklore, the first person you encounter in a new year -and the nature of this encounter- sets the tone for the rest of the year. A kiss is about strengthening ties you wish to maintain in the future. With all of that in mind, here is how my New Years played out...

It is that time of the year again and with everything else that was going on, I was more concerned with who I was going o kiss on New Years. My entire plans revolved around where that certain someone was gonna find himself at the stroke of midnight.

My day basically started off with phones calls to our mutual friends, trying to make plans or just involve myself in their plans, in the hope of 'bumping' into him. Without him knowing of course, I wanted it to seem coincidental.

With my hair having already been done on Sunday, I sacrificed all my efforts made and went swimming with 'our' friends, thinking he would pop by after work. After several hours of mad fun in pool, with only a few glances at the door, in anticipation of his arrival - he didn't show. Disappointed and with my hair in a curly mess, I was still hopeful. I went home, redid my hair, tried on a 101 outfits -wanting to look memorable of course - yet, I left home looking like a Plane Jaimee. 
I rushed over, to 'our' friend's place -where we all agreed to gather for the count down- just in time, 23H15.
Upon arrival, I see his car parked outside and immediately my heart starts racing, tummy filled with butterflies on overdrive - thinking to myself, my efforts weren't at all wasted. Smiling from ear to ear. As I walked in, the butterfly effect quickly dead within me, as if a bomb just exploded, killing every last one of them within mere seconds, as I learned that he was actually on his way out. To celebrate his count down somewhere else.

Like what the FUCK! 
FUCK my life!

So, there I was, left hanging, deeply disappointed and on the verge of bursting into tears. Took a deep breath or 9 and tried acting all cool about it, like it didn't bother me at all, so as to not draw attention to my " clearly catching feelings" self. Problem was though, everyone could see right through me. I mean, it isn't really a secret that I like this guy or what my intentions were. But ja, I paid them no mind. 

As I solely and silently suffered from the explosion in my tummy as the count down began, I found myself zoning out,  merely observing the people around me, with nothing more to look forward too. Not really taking part in the festivities, I saw, like a slow motion video clip, how a friend's "New Year's Kiss" turned into a rumble and tumble on the floor and it got me thinking...

I realized that I am actually OKAY with not having been kissed at midnight on New Year's, just for the sake of tradition. I mean, I am of mixed race, I have no tradition. It is just an age old belief. I would rather honestly wait to receive a more meaningful,whole heartily, for all the right reasons, kind of kiss. The kind that takes your breath away, has your back hair standing, the kind of kiss that personally sends shock waves straight to my eyebrows - leaving its hairline in a complete clutter. 

Therefore, I decided I will save my first kiss this year, for the right person, for that right moment and for all the right reasons.

Funny though, how the universe works, because just when I made up my mind about doing this, guess who decides to return... 
Like What The Fuck!

He walks in, greeting everyone with a cheerful embrace and just before he got to me, his path crosses that of a plate of meat and he decides to indulge himself first. So my New Year's embrace from the guy I so deeply feel for, played out with a cold hug and a mouthful of meat utter, "Happy New Year's Jaimee."
Some Fairy tale ending hey...

But ja, I still like him, always have and am not sure for how much longer but probably, always will. What I am sure of though is, that I won't be kissing any random guy just for the sake of folklore, etc. The next guy I kiss and the first for the year, will be the one I truly love, whole heartily have feelings for, no doubt whatsoever. The timing will be right, hopefully perfect! It will be the perfect fairy tale opening to a great love story...

Well, lets see how things play out. 
Fingers crossed in finding My True Loves Kiss in 2014