Thursday, 22 August 2013

Think I've Found Myself

I AM STILL TRYING TO WRITE MY DESCRIPTION for this blog, and it's almost impossible to get it right. I don't want to make it too long and sound like a bore. But in a couple of words how do I describe my vision accurately enough that whoever stumbles upon it or takes a chance on me, at least knows what they are getting themselves into.

I have changed the name of this blog once already, from The Closet to Mannequin, all due to my indecisive nature. My initial reason for wanting to blog was for a school report. With The Closet I intented to show case the current Fashion influences on the streets of Windhoek, Namibia. Basically your average "street style" section of a fashion magazine with reference to our local stores, for a more Namibian feel. But, having  looked at some of the other Fashion Blogs for ideas, I found there to be too many similar existing ones already.

So, hence the change to Mannequin. The same concept as the previous but featuring myself, rather than the general (stylish) public, dressed in locally available clothing. I thought this would benefit all those Namibians who aren't on sites like Again, this idea didn't set me apart from the "already existing."

I then came upon this quote (by the way, I collect quotes) and it was as if it described me perfectly, "Passionately Curious."

So, not only am I going to change the name of this blog, yet again, to "Passionately Curious." I think it might just be the last time I do so. With this blog I will not limit myself to just Fashion related things, No sir! I am going to explore every curious bone in my body and write, caputure, you name it, on this platform. The Arts and Crafts, DIY's, Fashion, Qoutes, Beauty and many more...

All in all, this will be my Creative Dairy. Gone are the days of cutting and pasting in scrapbook, which do nothing but gather dust. Times have changed and I am finally getting with the program. The Moto for my blog will be....