Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Keep The Faith

"My desire is to be loved genuinely and with care by someone who will not only safe guard my heart and protect it, but nurture it too. My heart is filled with love and I have a lot to offer to the One who can receive it, the same kind of love that is undeniably deserved for the one that is for me."


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Inevitable

"..There will come a day where I no longer flinch at the mention of your name; 
and there is going to come a day where I no longer look for your face in a crowded place."

You will one day be, but a memory.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

To the man I love, to my future

..."I often think of where you are and if you're happy. Are you in love? I hope she is gentle. I know you and I are the same in that way - we bruise a little more easily than most. You see, our souls were made in the same breath.

I know I'm running late - I''m sorry. Things haven't worked out the way I planned. But believe me when I tell you I am on my way.

Until then, think of me, dream of me and I will do the same. One day I will learn your name, and I will write it somewhere on this page. And we will realise that we have known each other all along.

Lang Leav

You Just Have To Decide

I decided that I deserve better, and I decided that I no longer want to feel empty. So I filled my world with laughter and surrounded myself with people who had an affinity for life. I decided that there are far better things out there for me... and I now intend on finding them.

adapted from a poem by in.my.own.words

I'm not looking for my other half, for I am complete.
I'm looking for my other whole.

If you've ever felt love,
you'll know how painful it is to suffer for love.